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External Organisations

Mr Ahmad Khushairi Bin Abidin, Darul Ghufran Mosque
The school have always been supportive throughout the years. They are constant in the commitment of producing exemplary future leaders. Therefore students become very enthusiastic when empowered with tasks or projects to accomplish. 
There’s a saying: "It takes a village to raise a child." 
As such, it will take a community to raise a school. I believe we need to continue these significant collaborations & work together for to achieve bigger goals.
We need to work as a community to nurture our youths for our community needs.
If we understand & respect each other by acknowledging our unique contributions towards the community at large, we can progress swiftly to grow in a positive environment for our country.

TWCC (Tampines West Community Club)

There’s no better partnership to assure that all students have the support and resources they need to succeed in school and in life. Community partnership between Springfield Secondary School and Tampines West Community Club have always been embraced to create harmony, cooperation, respect and a sense of common community among the students. It is a place where affection, inclusion and laughter bring students and the community to the same table.

NTUC (National Trade Union Congress)

Springfield Secondary School has been an active partner with nEbO since 2015. During my time here, I have had the opportunities to collaborate with the school over programmes such as Work Attachment, O'Lively, Paint A New Hope and Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. It has therefore been a joy and privilege getting to relate with different students through these programmes, and I hope they have managed to gain deeper insights as well as to develop in their own capacities. Thank you Springfield Secondary for being ever so accommodating and nEbO looks forward to more collaborations with your school and your students.  

PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC)

The PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC) programme aims to promote holistic development in youths through their involvement in community. With Springfield Secondary School students, this has been achieved hands-on guidance by the teachers and grassroots mentors which greatly enhances their learning experiences. Moving forward, it is hoped that the students can continue organising and spearheading various service-learning activities to meet the needs of the community and become leaders who contributes to the community.


National Environmental Agency (NEA)

It was definitely a pleasant experience to work with the students and teachers of Springfield Secondary School for the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign 2016 at Tampines West Community Club.  The teachers and students who participated in the outreach activities at the event were passionate in sharing the dengue preventive messages with the community. We hope that Springfield Secondary School will continue to be pro-active in promoting environmental stewardship both within the school and the community.