SNAAP Parents' Guide
Dear Parents/Guardians, For timely updates from the school as well as announcements from the child's/ward's Form Teacher, we encourage you to download and install the SNAAPP app on your mobile devices. Please click here to find out more.
Friday's Timetable
School Reopening on 3rd Jan 2017
School will reopen on Tuesday 3rd Jan for the new 2017 term. Please report punctually by 7:25am at the school hall. Do ensure that you have a proper haircut and are smartly attired in your school uniform. Bring along your Oral Digital Thermometer for checking. All students will go through the Start-it-Right programme for Tue 3 Jan and Thurs 5 Jan.
Sec 5 Posting 2017
2017 Sec One Registration
Open House
Our Achievements
Early Dismissal Of Students For The GCE O-Level Examinations Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension Examinations
Dear Parent / Guardian of Secondary 1,2,3,4 Express and 5 Normal Academic Students, In view of the GCE O-level Examinations Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension Examinations that will take place in Term...
Start Of Term 3
Dear Springfielders, Please be reminded that Term 3 will commence on Monday, 27th June 2016. Students are to report to school by 7.25am. Do make sure you are ready for school...
Collection Of GCE 'O', 'N(A)' & 'N(T)' Certificates And Testimonials
Dear Springfielders, For the batch of ex-students whom have graduated in 2015, your GCE 'O', 'N(A)' & 'N(T)' certificates and testimonials are ready for collection at the school's General Office. Please...

GCE O Level Written Exams