Open House 25 Nov 2017
Sec 2 Streaming Results 2017
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Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2017
Welcome back to School
Dear students, The school will start for term 3 on Tuesday 27 June. As it will be a late day, please report directly to class by 815am and take note of the following. 1. The timetable for the first school day will follow the Term 2 timetable. Please ensure you bring the required materials 2. Do ensure that you are properly attired and well-groomed e.g. haircut for the school term 3. Bring along your ODT for checking by your FTs. The Temperature Taking Exercise will be conducted on Wednesday & Thursday 29th & 30th June 2017. You may purchase an ODT at the school bookshop if necessary.
E-Learning Day
Dear students, your account has been changed to Student01. As part of the school's effort to facilitate E-learning and assess our level of readiness for Home-Based Learning, we will be conducting an e-learning day for our students on 26 May 2017. On that day, your child/ward does not need to report to school.
DSA Open House 2017
Click on the title to view the School Corporate Video. Parents & Primary School students are invited to have a viewing experience of the training sessions and competition involving Floorball, Taekwondo and Sports Climbing (OPC) CCA. 1 Date Wednesday 31 May 2017 2 Time 9.00 am to 12.00 noon 3 Place ISH, CD Shelter & Rockwall 4 Programme
Collection of GCE 'O', 'N(A)' & 'N(T)' Certificates and Testimonials
Dear Springfielders, For the batch of ex-students who have graduated in 2016, your GCE 'O', 'N(A)' & 'N(T)' certificates and testimonials are ready for collection at the school's General Office. Please be appropriately attired. The general office will be open from Mondays to Fridays from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Thank you. School General Office
National Translation Competition
NEU PC Plus Programme
The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer and access to broadband service. To find out more, visit For enquiries, please email to or call 6684 8858.
Postponement of Secondary One Camp
The Secondary One Camp, which was originally planned to be held on 6 to 9 March will be re-scheduled to a later date.