To all Springfield Alumni
You have graduated from Springfield.
We believe that the 4 or 5 years journey has been a fruitful experience and has helped shaped your character, values and individual pursuits.

We value the relationship with our alumni and would like to continuously add value to this ongoing relationship. We encourage you to stay connected with us.
There are many ways to stay connected with Springfield and with your former teachers & classmates. Do refer to this page regularly for updates and information. We will also contact all those who have registered and are in our mailing list.

A Involvement in School Events

Re-live, Re-kindle and Re-connect with Springfield from some of the exciting school events with us – Sports Day, Teacher’s Day Celebrations, CCA Orientation, Speech Day, camps etc

B Contribution to School Programmes

Some of the most significant and heartfelt ways of giving back to your alma mater is to share your expertise, resources and experiences with the younger generation of Springfielders. You can certainly play a key role through CCAs, school academic programmes, cohort camps, assembly sharing and Values-in-Action (VIA) and community projects

C Sharing of success stories & experiences

It is heart-warming to see many of our Alumni excelling in their area of pursuits and many have shared about the difference that the school has made towards their success.

D Network / Reunion sessions & Interest Group

Do share with us various ideas on how we can enhance the school-alumni partnership. It can simply be a get-together session in school or a bonding session with your former teachers.
For feedback & enquiries, kindly contact the following staff
Mr Wong Ting Hsin

Ms Liyana Ramlan
Teacher / Partnership Committee