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Student Executive Committee

Teachers in charge

Ms Huda Osman
Mr Amos Koh
Ms Judith Ho

Events / Activities

Secondary 1 Orientation Programme
Meet The Parents Sessions
Speech Day
School Open House
Dialogue Sessions
Presidential Elections
SEC Investiture
Teacher’s Day Celebrations
National Leadership Face-Off
Primary School Leadership Training
SPF SEC Presidents
Presidents of the Student Executive Committee

SPF Teachers Day Celebration
Teacher’s Day Celebrations
SPF Meet the Parents
Meet The Parents Session
SPF Leadership Face-Off
Leadership Faceoff at Dunman High
The Student Executive Committee (SEC) is the voice of students in academic and administrative matters in Springfield. We are the channel through which student concerns are brought to the attention of the staff and school leaders of Springfield. It is essential that we hear the concerns of all students and we welcome any suggestions and feedback that you wish to make!

Dialogue Session with School Leaders
The SEC strongly believes in nurturing character for a better future and aligns itself to the school’s vision, “Lifelong Learners, Exemplary Leaders”. As the highest student representative body in Springfield, the SEC consists of members elected amongst the student body, mandated to organise and manage school events and activities to promote a healthy school culture, and improve the students’ general welfare.

SEC Investiture Day
The SEC is currently made up of students holding key positions in their respective CCAs as well as students who have good academic and leadership potential and it is through this platform that we hope the strong leadership values can eventually be cascaded through all CCAs.