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Global Citizenship Programme


1. Internationalisation fund is given to schools so that each Singaporean child would have the opportunity during his/her schooling years to immerse in the culture of another country.  

2. Hence, the conceptualisation of this Global Citizenship Program is to educate our students to have a global outlook and perspective of the world. This is to prepare our students to be future relevant and culturally aware.

Learning Approach

CCE’s Head, Heart, Hands Approach is used as Global Citizenship Program’s Learning Approach.

Head Heart Hand Approach.jpg

The program allows our students to learn many things about themselves and the country they are visiting. They learn to collaborate, to respect fellow schoolmates and foreign friends, develop leadership abilities and public speaking. They learn independently using ICT initiatives as they adapt to different living and studying conditions overseas. They will also have a greater awareness of another country's culture and education system.

The program gives opportunities to our students to care for their schoolmates, teachers, and foreign friends by working together and exhibiting the right school values (Graciousness, Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity, and Diligence).

The program allows our students to make a difference to their schoolmates and teachers by helping them, and to their foreign friends, through the conduct of service-learning activities. The program also serves as a training platform for students to hone their leadership skills; both self, and peer.

Target Group and Programme Details

The Secondary 3 cohort is the target group.

In line with holistic education, we will look at the overall development of the student before the student disqualifies himself or herself. There are 3 main areas in which we would focus on; academics, CCA, and behaviour. Each student is expected to minimally pass their mid-year examination and attain and attendance of at least 75% in their respective CCA. The student's conduct is generally expected to be good and will be corroborated by the Year Head and Assistant Year Head.

The purpose and pre-requisites of this programme serve to motivate the students to manage themselves and work towards a goal. Essentially, we hope that students will be spurred on to strive for academic success, display genuine enthusiasm for their CCA by attending it regularly, and learn to conduct themselves in the best possible manner by practising sound self-management.


The destinations had been carefully shortlisted, with the following factors taken into consideration.

    1. Age-appropriateness
    2. Focus on South East Asia and China
    3. Affordability

Changes to the shortlisted destinations may be made if there is a high possibility of a natural disaster or any foreseeable circumstances that may pose a threat or risks the safety of our students and staff who will be travelling there.

Shortlisted destinations for 2018

    • Shanghai, China
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2017 Hong Kong Leadership, Academic, Cultural Immersion and Adventure Overseas Learning Trip


  • To experience a different culture through interactions with students from schools in Hong Kong.
  • To develop global awareness and cross-cultural skills.
  • To develop students to be active contributors and self-directed learners.
  • To experience different landscapes and terrains.

Click here for the SFSS-HK website.

2017 Shanghai Immersion Trip

SPF 2017 Shanghai Trip

Rationale and Objectives

The purpose of this trip is to expose our students to the culture of China. Besides exposing them to the cultural aspect, we hope our students will experience the lifestyle of the people living in Shanghai and gain acquaintance to the sporting, innovative and artistic flair of the country. Having such experience would definitely generate a greater impact and influence than a typical classroom lesson, and hence supporting a global classroom experience.

By the end of the trip, students are expected to be able to;

  1. Share with the whole school their reflections and learning experiences
  2. Contribute to school-wide events involving values-in-action, innovation & enterprise and aesthetics
  3. Deepen their cultural knowledge of China
  4. Develop their leadership skills (both self and peer)


    The students who embarked on this trip will be able to:

      1. Host visiting students who are on exchange programmes or school visits
      2. Conduct an assembly sharing
      3. Assist in International Friendship Day 
      4. Update the Global Springfield notice board 
      5. Engage our International students with the intention to integrate them.


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