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E-Learning Day

As part of the school's effort to facilitate E-learning and assess our level of readiness for Home-Based Learning, we will be conducting an e-learning day for our students on 26 May 2017. On that day, your child/ward does not need to report to school. All students will access the school's Learning Management System (LMS) portal to complete the lesson packages via the URL below:

If your child/ward needs technical support in using the LMS, he/she can call the school at 6318 3053/ 6318 3971/ 6318 3972 or the LMS helpdesk at 67775198 for assistance.

For students who do not have access to any computer facilities with an Internet connection, the school has made arrangements for your child/ward to complete the e-learning assignments at the school's Computer Lab 1 from 0800 to 1200hrs.

The schedule for our E-Learning Day is appended below: 
Schedule for E-Learning Day      

 EnglishMother Tongue MathScience HumanitiesArt 
Sec 1 
 Sec 2 ✓    ✓
 ^Sec 3NA ✓
 ✓ ✓  
*Sec 4NA/4NT ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓  
^Sec 3E and 3NT students will be exempted from the E-Learning Day as they will be away at OBS for their level camp.

*Sec 4E and 5NA students will be exempted from E-Learning Day as they will be preparing for their GCE MTL 'O' Level Examination scheduled on 29 May 2017. 26 may 2017 has been set aside for MTL teachers to conduct 1-1 consultation from 0800 - 1200 hrs.

E-Learning Day Briefing Slides