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Drama (English)

SPF Drama
Students of the Drama Club can expect to undergo training which will equip them with the foundational skills of speech and drama. This training will not only prepare students to represent the school at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competition; it will, more importantly, develop the students into confident and outspoken individuals through other intra-school and external performances as well. The programme offered by the Drama Club includes: 
  • warm-ups 
  • vocal training and diction 
  • breathing techniques 
  • modes of performance 
  • working with the script 
  • acting: character role and development 
  • improvisation 
  • blocking and staging 
  • directing
CCA Schedule:
Tuesdays & Thursday
3.30pm - 5.30pm
CRC Room
For updates to the schedule please refer to http://dramaforlife.livejournal.com/
Teachers in-charge: 
  • Mr Nicholas Huang
  • Ms Nur Liyana Mohd Kamil
  • Ms Nur Zuzillati
  • Mr Jenson Chen Zhirong
  • Ms Selena Akhbar

Mr Timothy Lin
List of annual programs/events
  1. Singapore Youth Festival (biannual)
  2. External Community Performance (annual)
  3. Drama Immersion Programme (annual)
  4. Drama Learning Journeys
  5. Drama Camp (at least one biannually)
  6. Sports Enrichment Programme (biannual)
  • 1-day Dragonboating workshop
  • 2-day Zumba workshop
7. Human Values Drama Festival 
8. Drama Immersion (Students will be brought to watch a professional play)
9. Sports (Group physical activity or skill)
10. Fairy Tale Trails NLB VIA Performance

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Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 
Arts Presentation
Achievement N/A Commendation N/A Accomplishment 
Physical Workshops
To Be Confirmed To Be
National Library Board (NLB) 
Fairy Tale Trails 
public performance 
Red Riding Hood Sly, The Fly and The Evil Guy  Springfield's Global Tales Coming in November  
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