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National Police Cadet Corps
The MISSION of the National Police Cadet Corps is to develop our members to be active and community leaders, by working in partnership with the Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.

The VISION of the National Police Cadet Corps is to become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world

In accordance with our mission and observing our objectives, we believe in:

  • Developing Leaders with Character & Values 
    ENSURE our growth by exposing us to a challenging environment, which, in turn will imbibe us with leadership qualities, strong character and civic, social and moral values.

  • Building Bonds with SPF 
    ENLIGHTEN us on the role of the Singapore Police Force, help to build a stronger bond of friendship with them, and so lead to a safer place for all in the country.

  • Showing Care & Concern to Others 
    As part of a culture that encourages us to treat fellow cadets with respect, courtesy and tact, TEACH us to extend the same care and concern to others.

  • Facing Challenges & Achieving Excellence 
    As a result of our identification with the Singapore Police Force, TEACH us to adopt its tradition of high standards of performance, commitment, duty and service, to seek to excel and to face up to challenge.

National Police Cadet Corps was formed in 1959 and has a membership of about 20,000 cadets in 157 secondary schools, 2 polytechnics and 2 universities. 

Springfield NPCC unit conducts a wide variety of activities for the cadets so that they would develop into caring and responsible pupils.

The National Police Cadet Corps requires students who love outdoor activities and enjoy working together as a team. They will enjoy camaraderie between squad mates, and have their seniors supporting and being there for them. They can look forward to forging long lasting bonds with their fellow squad mates as they take part in activities which are fulfilling, challenging and rewarding. 
CCA Schedule:
Fridays 2.30pm – 6.00pm

They will need to stay back on other days too whenever they have HQ events and camps. The days will be made known to them prior to the activity.
Teacher in-charge:

Mr Eddie Chong (OC)            Ms Kee Zhiyin
Mr Murphy Chew                  Mr Chue Pin Fang
Coaches / Trainers
List of annual programs/events
The training Programme for the cadets include the following:
Basic Training for Sec 1 to Sec 4 cadets
Sec 1 Cadets
  • Crime Prevention
  • Police Knowledge 1
  • Total Defence (Bronze)
  • Basic Seamanship (Bronze)
  • Basic Coastal Navigation (Bronze)
  • Maritime Communications (Bronze)
  • Maritime Policing Operations (Bronze)
  • Sea Survival Training
  • HKMP5 Weapon Handling
  • Visit to Police Heritage Centre
  • Swearing-in Ceremony
  • Sec 1 Orientation Camp

Sec 2 Cadets:
  • Drill (3rd Class)
  • Police Knowledge 2
  • Total Defence (Silver)
  • Basic Seamanship (Silver)
  • Basic Coastal Navigation (Silver)
  • Maritime Communications (Silver)
  • Maritime Policing Operations (Silver)
  • 1 Star Kayaking
  • Adventure Training Camp at Pulau Ubin
  • HKMP5 Simulation Firing
  • .22 Revolver Practice Shoot
Sec 3 Cadets:
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Drills (2nd Class)
  • Drills (1st Class)
  • Total Defence (Gold)
  • Basic Seamanship (Gold)
  • Basic Coastal Navigation (Gold)
  • Maritime Communications (Gold)
  • Maritime Policing Operations (Gold)
  • 2 Star Kayaking
  • Leadership and Mentoring Skills Course
  • Survival Training Camp at Pulau Ubin
  • M16 Weapon Handling
  • .22 Revolver Classification Shoot
  • Visit to Police Coast Guard
  • NPCC Annual Parade
  • M16 Simulation Firing

Sec 4 Cadets:
  • NPCC Annual Parade

Visits to Police Establishments – CID, Land Division, Police Coast Guard, Police Dog Unit, Public Affairs Dept and Subordinate Courts

Community Service – Police Carnival Coupons Sale, Charity Donation Drive and doing volunteer work for the Singapore Disability Sports Council. 
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Unit Overall Proficiency Award Silver Bronze Bronze Gold Gold
.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 6th
Inter-area Project-Based Competition
(under Area 9 category)
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