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Girls’ Brigade

Girls Brigade
CCA General Info:
1. Brief introduction

2. Challenges students will face

3. Skills / Talents / Qualities the CCA is looking for

4. The benefits of joining the CCA

The Girls’ Brigade 44th Singapore Company

1. The Girls’ Brigade is a uniformed organization approved by the Ministry of Education. The Brigade provides leadership training as well as to teach responsible attitudes and behaviour. The mission of the Brigade is “To make every girl a leader and every officer a servant leader”. 

2. The Brigade provides a wholesome four-fold programme concerned with the physical, educational, social and spiritual development of the members. Under Physical Programme, the girls develop physical skills such as Basic and Creative drill, Abseiling, Rock-climbing, In-line skating and tent-pitching.

Through the Educational Programme, the girls have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful pursuits and acquire knowledge and skills such as Tambourine, Knot Tying, Skipping and Map-reading.

In the Social Programme, the girls learn to understand themselves in relation to others through the Healthy Attitudes badgework. They learn to be of service at home, to the society and the nation.

Though the Spiritual Programme, the girls learn and inculcate sound values that will anchor them in their relationship with others and their responses to issues that confront them.

3. Some of the activities included in our weekly programme would be singing sessions, games, community service, footdrill sessions and experiential learning. Girls will work for badges in subjects such as Healthy Attitudes, Brigade Knowledge, First Aid and many other aspects of life.

4. Students will have Company meetings held every Saturday from 9:00am to 12:30pm in Springfield Secondary School. The Brigade also organises outings and training camps throughout the year especially during the school holidays.
CCA Schedule:
Saturday 9.00am – 12.30pm
Weekly Program
9.00am - 9.15am Roll Call
9.15am - 10.00am Singspiration & Devotion
10.00am - 10.45am Badgework
10.45am - 11.30am Drill
11.30am - 12.15pm Games
12.15pm - 12.30pm Vesper & Announcements
Teacher in-charge:

Ms See Jia Hui Joy
Ms Joey Tang Hwee Ling
Coaches / Trainers
Ms Tan Shu Ping Ms Faith Tan
Ms Tan Shu Ling Ms Mitchell Ng
Ms Clarissa Chan Ms Rachel Lee
List of annual programs/events
1. Girls Brigade(GB) Orientation Outing
2. Company Leadership and Adventure Camp
3. Chinese New Year Celebration 
4. SANA Course 
5. GB HQ Awards Ceremony
6. Sergeant's Weekend
7. Corporals' Camp
8. GB Fortnight
9. Christmas Party
10. GB HQ National Challenge Competition
11. HQ Leadership Conference 
12. Overseas Service Learning Trip
13. Community Involvement Project
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Company Award Gold Gold Gold Gold
Fortnight Award 2nd Top 2nd Top 2nd Top 3rd Top
Drill Competition Silver - Silver - -
National Creative
Cheer Challenge
- - - Gold
National Community
Quest Competition
- - Gold &
LGT Challenge Bronze
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The Girls’ Brigade has many activities in the year to cater to the varied interest of the girls.

Girls learnt how to sail during the annual camp and participated in outdoor cooking.

Community Service with Tampines Family Service Centre

Article contributed by Gilda Lim and Tan Hui Jia
Service to community is an important aspect of the Programme of the Girls’ Brigade. The Girls’ Brigade partners with the Children’s Club of the Tampines Family Service Centre to empower the girls to become active volunteers and responsible citizens.

On the 10th of October 2015, the Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade did a combined VIA event with some children from Tampines Family Service Centre. The seniors and I were entrusted to take care of the children and look out for their safety.

The event was fun but tiring. We played mini games in school and got to know one another. After lunch, we took a bus and went to Down Town East, eXplorerkid. The children were very happy and started running around, crawling and running through the tunnels. We were too big for the tunnels and a tough time climbing through them and chasing the kids. After the first half an hour, the kids were as active as ever but we were all tired.

Although I was tired, I found this activity really fun and memorable. I learnt to be more patient and polite to people and to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. It taught me how tough it was to handle kids. This is a very good experience for me to understand how parents feel when they are responsible for their kids. I hope that there would be more activities like this to brighten up the mood of the children and bring joy to them.

Annual Expeditions

Article contributed by Aletheia Poh
On the 5th and 6th September 2015, the Boys’ Brigade 23rd Company and the Girls’ Brigade 44th Company had a combined expedition. Though it was a tiring, I had a memorable and enjoyable experience that day as it was my first time staying up late with my friends and walking a total of 32.4 kilometres without sleep. I felt that this expedition has helped me in my endurance and my perseverance, to not give up and go on.

It was also a great experience as I learnt how to read a map and lead a group. Though it was confusing and difficult at first, I quickly mastered the map reading skills after some guidance from Mr Lai, the Boys’ Brigade teacher. When I first led my group, I doubted my abilities to lead the team and feared the rejection and complaints from my teammates. However, that was not the case. Instead, my teammates helped me by guiding me patiently and I gained my confidence in leading the team.

As our tiredness got the better of us, we still encouraged one another to do our best by saying, “We’re almost there!” I felt my team bonded together pretty well and I got to know the Sec 1s better.

I would like to have more combined expeditions in the future as it is a fun and memorable experience. I would not mind going for it again!

2015 Sec 4 Batch
Sec 4s GB girls on the last GB meeting. All of them were promoted to either Sergeant or Staff Sergeant.