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1. Brief introduction

2. Challenges students will face

3. Skills / Talents / Qualities the CCA is looking for

4. The benefits of joining the CCA

1. The Netball girls are a closely knitted family that has gone through many activities and camps. 

The girls learn, through the sport, the importance of discipline, commitment and team-work. 

2. The girls have participated in countless activities such as the Inter-school zonal competition, Netball Singapore Carnival, M1 Netball League and many more. They have experienced travelling to Malaysia together as a group and also played against the netball teams, including international schools in Kuala Lumpur, and emerged with outstanding results as well.

3. The netball girls are a keen lot when it comes to organizing inter-class competitions for the school. They would plan and conduct the competitions with the help of their teachers and coach. On top of that, the netball girls also shared their love for the game with primary school netballers by conducting coaching clinics for these pupils. They run the activity to enhance the younger girls’ awareness and interest in netball.

4. Lastly, they organized the Netball Carnival @Springfield in which many other schools participated in. This carnival was jointly organized with the Tampines West CSC. During the carnival, netballers from schools across Singapore not only exchanged netball skills among each other, they also built ties and forged friendship between coaches and teachers. These carnivals have been on-going for 4 years now and they have been opened to primary and secondary schools. Clearly, the opportunities for the girls to develop their fitness level, competitive spirit and leadership qualities are abound in this sport.
CCA Schedule:
Mondays Wednesdays Fridays
'C' Division - 3.00pm - 6.00pm
1.00pm - 3.00pm
'B' Division 3.00pm - 6.00pm
- 2.00pm - 4.00pm
ISH (Indoor Sports Hall)
The Training Schedule is subject to changes due to fixtures.
Please refer to the Netball Notice Board.
  • Mdm Yeong Wei Syn (IC)
  • Mdm Zulaiha Osman
  • Ms Selena Akhbar
Coaches / Trainers
  • Coach Anabelle Lim          
List of annual programs/events
1. East Zone Competition 4. Netball Workshops
2. Netball Bonding Camp
3. Springfield Netball Carnival
5. VIA Activity                
'B' Div (M1 Carnival) 

'B' Div (M1 Carnival) 

'C' Div (East Zone) 

- 4th Place (Overall) 

- Group Champion 

- 8th Position
'B' Div (East Zone)

'B' Div Tampines GRC Netball Carnival 

'C' Div Tampines GRC Netball Carnival

'C' Div (M1 League) 

- Top 8 

- 2nd Place 

- 1st Place 

- 2nd in Group
Individual Honours
Lim Li Xian, Megan (3G) 
- U17 National Team
External links:

2014 Bright Vision Mid-Autumn Lantern Charity Walk (Values-in-Action)

On the 6th September 2014, the Netball girls together with students from NCC Sea Unit and Guzheng, spent a lovely and productive Saturday evening with patients from Bright Vision Hospital. The Values-in-Action programme was to raise funds and participate in activities, for the community hospital. Our Girls joined the patients, residents and community leaders to take part in a Charity walk. In fact, we are proud to announce that our school performed outstandingly in the Lantern making competition. Through the experience our girls learnt the value of putting in effort for a worthy outcome. 


2014 M1 League 'B' Division - Group Champions

2013 Tampines GRC Netball Carnival 
1 November 2013