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CCA General Info:

1. Brief introduction

2. Challenges students will face 

3. Skills / Talents / Qualities the CCA is looking  for

4. The benefits of joining the CCA 

1. Springfield Secondary School's Football team has been around since 1994 and is committed to inculcating the love for football, discipline in training and preparing our boys for friendly matches and tournaments.

2. Students will be developed physically and mentally regardless of the talent and abilities they already have. It will definitely test their endurance and resilience as the activities will be very physically in nature.

3. The Springfield Football team welcomes any students with the talent, discipline, love of football and the ability to commit to training sessions and matches.

4. Students will get to represent the school in regional/national level. They will also get the opportunity to play with various established clubs from Singapore as well as friendly matches with students from international schools.
CCA Schedule:
'C' Division (Sec 1s)
Wednesdays, Fridays
1530hrs - 1800hrs

'B' Division (Sec 2s & Sec 3s)
1600hrs - 1800hrs
  • Mr Koh Di Sheng Alwyn
  • Mr Fabian Lim Dao Wei
  • Mr Abdul Rahim
  • Miss Lisa Zhang
  • Mr Aminuddin
Coaches / Trainers
  • Mr Amos Lee Chun Beng
List of annual programs/events:
1. East Zone Competition 
2. National Competition 
3. Football Friendlies
4. Seasonal Football League
5. Training Camps 
6. Testimonial Matches 
2017 East Zone Inter-school 'B' Div - 2nd
2017 East Zone Inter-School 'C' Div - Quarterfinalists
2011 East Zone Inter-school ‘B’ Div - 3rd 
2009 East Zone Inter-school 'C' Div - 4th 
2007 East Zone Inter-school ‘B’ Div - 3rd 
2005 National Inter-school ‘C’ Div League 3 - 2nd 
External links:

2017 C Div.jpg

2017 'C' Div

football_grp_pic_2.jpg2011 'B' Div - 3rd in East-Zone Tournament

football_grp_pic_4.JPG2011 'B' Div