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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is Springfield’s distinctive programme that incorporates various areas in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field. Through problem-based learning and authentic experiences in the Science and Food laboratories, we aim to develop our students to innovate and think critically as well as creatively, while gaining a deeper understanding in the subjects. The ALP curriculum consists of real-world projects and learning journeys to provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and think beyond the scope of the school.


Our programme caters to students of varying interest levels by allowing a tiered system of experiential learning. Throughout their years in secondary school, students will be exposed to experiences from Tier 1 and Tier 2 minimally (see diagram below).


Tier 1 Foundation Programme: Secondary 1

Our foundation programme for Secondary 1 students centers around personal choices to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through proper health and nutrition. Students learn the essential skills in maintaining a healthy diet such as reading nutrition labels and swapping out ingredients in recipes to make dishes healthier.

This programme culminates in a milestone project where students design their own healthy recipes and attempt to cook and plate their healthy dishes. Students are also required to create eye-catching posters to market their creations to their fellow peers.

An overview of the Tier 1 Foundation Programme for Secondary 1:

Programme Focus

1.    Understanding Healthy Living

Students will be taken through lessons that cover the basis of healthy eating and the importance of implementing a healthier lifestyle. Some lesson in this module include:

     Investigating Sugar Content in Drinks

     Understanding the Caloric Value of Food

2.    Healthier Choices in the Kitchen

Students will be taught how to make healthier choices when preparing their food in the kitchen. Modules include:

     Elements of a Healthy Energy Bar

     Meal Replacement and Recipe Formulation

3.    ALP Milestone Project - A Healthier Diet

Using what they have learnt, students will be tasked to develop a healthy recipe. Students will prepare their dish and market its health benefits in the form of a poster or video commercial.

Students investigated the sugar content of various sweetened drinks
In the laboratory, students investigated the caloric value of food items

Students created their own healthy energy bar in the Food Laboratories

Students formulated their own recipe of a healthy meal replacement drink, and prepared the drink in the Food Laboratories

Tier 1 Foundation Programme: Secondary 2


Our  foundation programme for Secondary 2 offers a more self-directed and independent experience for the students. Students are presented with a real-world scenario of ensuring food security amidst land-scarce Singapore. They are given the opportunity to plant their own vegetables in school,  harvest and cook them as part of our signature ‘Farm-to-Table’ experience held at the end of the school year. 

Similarly, students are tasked with a milestone project where they design a prototype for a vertical farming set-up that can be included in the school with minimal landscape use.

Lesson Focus

1.    Research and Data Gathering

Students will be given time to research on optimal ways to grow plants indoors amidst the problem of land scarcity in Singapore. They will have autonomy over the direction and scope of their eventual prototype, based on the research and data that they have gathered.

2.    Farm-to-Table Experience

Students will germinate, grow and harvest vegetables as part of the programme. Upon harvesting the vegetables, students will be challenged to cook their greens according to a healthy recipe that they have formulated.

3.    ALP Milestone Project - Sustainable Food Solutions

Students will gather learning points and research from their experiences in the programme, and put them together in a presentation or video. The presentation/video will focus around how their projects promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Measuring the light intensity, humidity and temperature at different sites around the school using coding programme Micro:bit, in order to choose a suitable site for growing their vegetables.

Germination of seeds and transplanting seedlings of different types of vegetables as part of their Farm-to-Table experience

Designing and building prototypes for their milestone project

Opportunities for authentic application of knowledge through Outdoor Learning Experiences

Students are  given the opportunity to visit industry partners to augment their learning experience as part of the ALP journey. This aims to promote and  encourage healthy and sustainable living among the students, and at the same time create an  awareness of the potential job prospects in these industries.

This year, the Secondary Two students visited three local urban farms that are currently providing sustainable solutions to farming and food security.

Learning Journey to Koh Fah Technology Farm

Students were introduced to high-tech machinery and equipment that assist in the farming processes to bring about the improved level of efficiency and productivity at the farm.

Everyone was hard at work harvesting the lettuce that they could eventually bring home to try!
Students were show various farming modules used for the vegetables that were for sale

Learning Journey to Vertivegies Farm

Students harvested vegetables to bring home 
Hard at work planting seeds in the hydroponics set-up

Happy faces after an engaging session with the representatives from VertiVegies Farm
Students were given a taste of restaurant-grade edible flowers 

The Edible Garden City Tour: Queenstown Farm

Students were introduced  to vertical farming systems used in the farm
The multi-sensory tour also included an introduction to the tiny creatures that keep the farm thriving (in this case, larvae from black soldier flies)

A group photo at the Edible Garden City to bring to a close the awesome sensorial experiences at the farm