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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

GEARing Springfielders for Success (G.E.A.R.)

Springfield’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), centred around the School’s Values, aims to cultivate a pervasive Community Youth Leadership (CYL) culture by instilling in students the importance of social responsibility and volunteerism. This is done through a progressive tiered-approach (G.E.A.R) where students are provided with platforms at cohort level or specific group level to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that is developmental in nature. The G.E.A.R approach articulates the area of focus for each cohort of students, with specialized programmes that are specially planned and put in place to develop students in the respective area of focus.

In Secondary One, the area of focus is on getting Springfielders to be “Grounded in Values”. The self-leadership modules conducted during the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons inculcate and reinforce School Values and Social-Emotional Competencies where students are given the opportunity to put into practice this learning in the school-based Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes.

In Secondary Two, the area of focus is to create platforms and opportunities for students to be “Engaged to Learn and Lead”. The key focus will be on experiential learning and/or exposure to different learning platforms and opportunities, through the leadership and service learning modules that are conducted in collaboration with national agencies such as PA and NEA as well as VIA opportunities planned with our community partners such as Tampines West Community Club, Tampines Town Council and Voluntary Welfare AssocIations in the Tampines Region. Through the various learning platforms and opportunities, students will experience authentic and relevant learning, putting into practice elements of classroom learning and moving from abstract understanding to practical implementation.

In Secondary Three, we want Springfielders to “Aspire to Serve” and the key focus will be in creating multiple platforms and programmes for them to apply their leadership and service learning knowledge and skills learnt. By embarking on purposeful, meaningful and self-initiated VIA activities, students will be given opportunities to explore areas of self, peer and community leadership. Students who exhibited greater leadership potential are also provided with the opportunity to perform in higher order tasks such as taking on the role of student leaders and leading teams. 

In Secondary Four and Five, the key focus will be on personal development and Springfielders should be “Ready to Soar” and leave a legacy as they prepare to move into the next phase of their lives. This is done through the conduct of a comprehensive ECG programme as part of the CCE curriculum, and the platform to showcase their self and peer management through the conceptualisation and implementation of a Social Entrepreneurship VIA project.

LLP Programmes

    Grounded in Values   Engag
ed to Learn and Lead
Aspire to Serve  Ready to Soar 
           Key Programmes
  Key Focus   Sec 1  Sec 2  Sec 3  Sec 4/5 
Student Leadership

Leadership Modules in CCE - 
Leadership Modules in CCE - 
Working in Teams
Leadership Modules in CCE - 
Leadership Modules in CCE - 
Building Success
Focus Group Class Committee Training 
Class Committee Training
CCA Leaders Camp
Class Committee Training
CCA Leaders Camp
Resilience Camp
Student Executive Committee Training
Class Committee Training
Student Executive Committee Training
 Values in Action  Cohort
Classroom Kindness
Poster Design Competition
Servant Leadership and Project Management
Project Blue Wave 
Class-based projects  Social Entrepreneurship Carnival 
 Focus Group
Friends of Singa Project Leaders
HDB Ambassador Training 
Earth Hour
Mozzie-Wipeout Campaign
Clean and Green Week
Social Entrepreneurship + Service-Learning VIA Project  Mentorship by NTUC