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Springfield Parents' Network (SPN)


Year JoinedDesignation Name
 2014Liaison Officer Mdm Doris Ho
 2013Member (Adviser)  Mrs. Adeline Lim 
 2013Member (Adviser)  Mr. Edward Lim 
 2015Treasurer Mdm Adeline Tan
 2017Member  Mdm Jessie Wong 
 2015Member  Ms. Tan Heng Gee 
 2014Member Mdm May Neo
2016Member Mrs. Siti Juliha Bte Arsad
 2017Member  Mdm Tay Siwe Chu 
 2017Member  Mrs. Faridah Kassim 
 2017Member  Mrs. Iriani Bte Jumahan 
 2017Member  Mr. Ridhuan
 2017Member  Mdm Amimah 
 2017Member  Mr. Desmond 
 2018Member  Mdm Angel 
 2018Member  Mdm Siti Aishah Bte Abdullah 
 2018Member  Mdm Ernita Yuliartiek 
 2018Member  Mr. Sulaiman 
 2018Member  Mr. Raymond 
 2018Member  Ms. Jennifer 
 2018Member  Ms. Iffyaniz 
 2018Member  Ms. Latifah 

Upcoming Events

There are many events in the pipeline to engage the SPN, one of our key stakeholders.
The following events are in the pipeline in the coming months. More details and information will be released when confirmed.

EventTentative Date
Night Cycling7 July 2018
Games Day (in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day)20 July 2018
Cross-Country @ MacRitchie8 August 2018 
Mid-Autumn Celebrations (Mooncake-Making) September (to be confirmed) 
 BowlingNovember (to be confirmed) 

Event:  MOE-OBS Challenge Programme Open House 2018 (for parents) *new

Date:   12 May 2018, Saturday
Time:   8.00am - 5.30pm
Venue: Outward Bound School (OBS), Pulau Ubin    

Event:   Secondary 1 Meet-the-Parents (for parents, students are not required to attend)
Date:     12th January 2018, Friday
Time:     6:00pm - 9:00 pm
Venue:  School Hall

Event:  Secondary 1 BBQ (for students and parents)          
Date:    3rd February 2018, Saturday
Time:   4:00pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: Springfield Secondary School
Activities: Family bonding activities, BBQ dinner
Fee: Free-of-charge

Secondary 1 BBQ, 3 February 2018

BBQ (2).jpgBBQ (3).jpg

BBQ (4).jpg

Sports Day, 29 March 2018

SPN_Sports_Day.jpgSports Day 2018 @ SUTD (1).jpg

Sports Day 2018 @ SUTD (5).jpg  Sports Day 2018 @ SUTD (4).jpg

  Sports Day 2018 @ SUTD (3).jpgSports Day 2018 @ SUTD (2).jpg

Values in Action (VIA) Carnival, 6 April 2018

Carnival 2018.jpg

Awards Day, 13 April 2018

Springfield Awards Day 2018 (3).jpg

Springfield Awards Day 2018 (1).jpgSpringfield Awards Day 2018 (6).jpg

Springfield Awards Day 2018 (5).jpg