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External Organisations

Darul Ghufran Mosque

Mr. Ahmad Khushairi Bin Abidin, Head of Youth & Family Development Department

"Darul Ghufran Mosque's mission is to provide value-added programs for the community. We have forged a very good relationship with Springfield Secondary School from the principal, to the teachers, and to the students. The values of spreading blessings to all and forging a strong relationship with our stakeholders have been a key for the program to be a success. A million thanks to the school for the trust, support, and opportunity given. There's a saying - it takes a community to raise a child."

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Tampines West Constituency Office

Mr. Muhammad Saripi, Constituency Director
TWCC Muhd Saripi.jpg

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Springfield Secondary School for their support in the various community activities. This collaboration platform gives the students opportunities to learn and contribute to the community. Experiences and reflection in the community activities enable the students to link what they have learned in the classroom with real-life applications that go beyond the academic subjects. We greatly appreciate the support, and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.

Evergreen Circle Seniors Activity Centre
Mr. Francis Tan, Community Support Executive
Fracis Tan Evergreen Circle Seniors Activity Centre.jpg

During my 3 year tenure posting at Evergreen Circle Seniors Activity Centre as Community Support Executive, I am honoured to work with teachers and students of Springfield Secondary School for umpteen projects. The passions, dedications and smiles displayed by the teachers and students during their course of service were exemplary and contagious to their peers and our seniors. As Springfield Secondary School continues the promotion of inter-generation initiatives, I hope its benefits will flow to their immediate family too. Moving forward, I trust Springfield Secondary School will continue to partner with Presbyterian Community Services for the betterment of their students and the community well-being.

Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)

Ms. Fairuz Atiqah, Assistant General Secretary (Education)

Over the years, the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has created many platforms to empower the younger generation to make a difference for a kinder and more gracious Singapore. SKM continues to emphasise the need to take ownership of kindness, an important element in building a caring, inclusive and gracious society.  “Kindness. It’s up to us.”

Since 2012, SKM has been actively reaching out to the students at Springfield Secondary School. Through various programs like assembly talks and Friend of Singa, we hope to encourage all students to start, show and share kindness. During Springfield's Awards Day 2018, SKM was honoured to receive the Gold Award for being a Friend of Springfield. Let us make the effort to be greater – let kindness be the virtue that crowns our identity.
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NTUC (National Trade Union Congress)

Mr. Nicholas Khoo


Springfield Secondary School has been an active partner with nEbO since 2015. During my time here, I have had the opportunities to collaborate with the school over programmes such as Work Attachment, O'Lively, Paint A New Hope and Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. It has therefore been a joy and privilege getting to relate with different students through these programmes, and I hope they have managed to gain deeper insights as well as to develop in their own capacities. Thank you Springfield Secondary for being ever so accommodating and nEbO looks forward to more collaborations with your school and your students.


PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC)

The PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC) programme aims to promote holistic development in youths through their involvement in the community. With Springfield Secondary School students, this has been achieved hands-on guidance by the teachers and grassroots mentors which greatly enhances their learning experiences. Moving forward, it is hoped that the students can continue organising and spearheading various service-learning activities to meet the needs of the community and become leaders who contribute to the community.

PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC)

National Environmental Agency (NEA)

Ms. Khrisha Chatterji, Senior Executive (3P Partnership), North East Regional Office

Training the students to become junior ambassadors of the environment has been a pleasant experience with the support and cooperation of the teachers. The students are enthusiastic and ever-ready to reach out to the community. As we work together to engage the community, we hope to build a community that has a strong interest in caring for the environment.

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