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Alumni Committee

Leon Goh Zhi Wei (Alumni Committee Chairperson)

Leon Goh Zhi Wei - Springfield Alumni Chairperson
To me, Springfield is my second home, where I have gained not only knowledge but memories which I still treasure till today. Springfield has given me many opportunities to allow myself to grow and at the same time discover what are my interests. This is the pivotal point of my education path and I was able to make a clear decision on what I want to pursue in my tertiary education. Lastly, with the character building programmes that Springfield has arranged for my fellow peers and me, we learnt the importance of good character which is an essential skill in today's society. 

I graduated from Springfield in 2012 and went to Yishun Junior College where I took my A-Levels in 2014. Now I am currently serving National Service and I will be studying Chemistry at NUS after my National Service. My dream is to work in the Singapore Police Force so that I can repay society and keep our neighbourhood safe.
To the current Springfielders, don't let anything stop you from achieving! Remember that there is always a way out of the storm no matter how gloomy it may seem, believe in yourself and strive!


Suhaidir Shobir B Sahat (Alumni Committee Vice-Chairperson)

Suhaidir Shobir B Sahat (Alumni Committee Vice-Chairperson)
Springfield Secondary has given me various opportunities to experience school life as a leader. A leader, molded in an honorable manner. I have cherished every moment and mistakes I have made with my peers and teachers. The moments made were greatly influenced, while the mistakes learned would hopefully be never repeated and guide me to make better choices. Each and every person I met had different backgrounds, in which they have had a positive impact in my life. This is especially true for the teachers who have taught me in my subject lessons. They were my pillars of strength when I was weak in some of my subjects. Some were strict, yet approachable. I made awesome friends throughout my five fruitful years in Springfield. Springfield has been a foundation and the backbone of my education and character, which landed me in a better tertiary institution with a better attitude.

I graduated from Springfield in 2013 and am currently studying Mechatronics in Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering. My dream job is to become a teacher in a secondary school or a lecturer or a tutor in a Polytechnic, preferably near to my future home. The reason is that I want to share my knowledge impart my skills to students or anyone who needs help. I want to continue this cycle of learning now and teaching in future.
My advice to the current Springfielders is simple: "Suffer now, enjoy later. I hope that you will not pick up detrimental habits like smoking, vape-ing, taking drugs or be a dropout. Even if you are weak in some subjects, never give up. Seek help from the teachers. They are more than willing to help. I wish you have the best times of your life in Springfield Secondary School."