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Student Management Committee

Goals / Objectives

  • To maintain a safe and conducive environment where both learning and teaching can take place.
  • Developing students’ social and emotional competencies and guiding them to develop good character and citizenship.
  • To help guide students to develop self-discipline.
  • Adopt a whole-school approach to student management.
Advisor :
Ms. Tan Chna Huang

Overall I/C :
Miss Ong Wei Peng

Committee Members:
Miss Ng Zhao Ying
Mr. Amos Koh
Mr. Lim Dao Wei Fabian
Mdm Nur Zuzillati Binte Zulkifli
Mr. Aminuddin Katris
Mdm Selena Akhbar
Mdm Zubaidah Arshad

School Counsellors:
Mrs. Luona Yap - Goh Loh Nah
Mr. Sebastian Seet Keng Cheng

Learning & Behavioural Support (LBS):
Ms. Mathieu Marita Janine

Operations Managers:
Mr. Kamaruzaman
Mdm Eileen Gway Chong Ling

Year Heads:
Lower Secondary: Mr. Wong Ting Hsin
Upper Secondary: Ms. Tan Chna Huang

Assistant Year Heads:
Secondary 1: Mr. Nirav Desai
Secondary 2: Mr. Leung Yong Kang
Secondary 3: Mr. Eddie Chong
Secondary 4: Mr. Jeremy Wang