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Physical Education Department

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Head of Department (Physical Education & CCA)
Mr Lim Zhi-Hao Adrian
Email: Lim_zhi-hao@moe.edu.sg

Year Head (Lower Secondary)
Mr Wong Ting Hsin

Head of Department (Student Development)
Mr Alex Goh Wui Huat

Subject Head (Student Management)
Mr Nirav Desai
Email: nirav_m_desai@moe.edu.sg

Senior Teacher (Physical Education)
Mr Teo Wee Meng
Email: teo_wee_meng@moe.edu.sg

Mr Soh Wei Keong
Mr Lionel Boey


Physical well-being has far-reaching and universal implications for today’s day and age. It is a balance between physical activities and sound health practices. It encapsulates the foundations of Science and Arts. It underpins our lifestyles choices and our ability to maintain wellness in every possible dimension of our lives. Like most good things we know of in life, physical well-being is easier said than done – there is a vast difference between knowing it and actually doing it. In Springfield, we are committed to not just taking the first step towards this goal but making quantum leaps toward unleashing the true potential of our existence. We invite you to join us on this journey.

General Outline

All pupils undergo the fundamental process of fitness & conditioning, health education and appreciation of Track & Field. Movement concepts are introduced through the Springfield Aerobics Dance. Intra-school games, known as Team Challenge is organized for the pupils to promote teamwork and life-long sports.
The Lower Secondary pupils are provided with a core programme of Sports Climbing and Team sports -  Netball, Floorball, Basketball, and Football. Pupils in Secondary Two are given certification in Sports Climbing Level 1.
Upper Secondary pupils focus on game concepts of various sports to gain skills and knowledge of a spectrum of sports. Sec 3 students also go through outdoor education modules to prepare themselves for the MOE-OBS Cohort Camp.

Our Objectives

  • Equip students with the knowledge and understanding of good personal and social health practices.
  • Instill the importance of physical activities and body fitness.
  • Provide students with the avenue and opportunity to discover and exploit their talents and potential in a variety of sports and physical activities.
  • Enable responsible thinking, self-expression and character development through experiential learning in physical activities.
  • Cater for elements of fun, play, and recreation as part of every pupil’s development.