NEU PC Plus Programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low-income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price.
Click here to find out more about the NEU PC Plus Programme. (
For MOE-FAS recipients who wish to apply for the programme please complete the following forms 
  • please click here for the PC-Bundle application form (NPP Application Form (MOE-FAS) v2.2)
  • Pg 2 of the MOE-FAS application form (ie containing applicants’ household and income particulars)

For non-MOE-FAS recipients and other applicants who wish to apply for the programme
  • please download the latest PC-Bundle application form available at the IDA website.
Please submit the above-mentioned forms together with any relevant documents necessary to form a complete application for processing to the school general office. 
For enquiries, you may email to or call 6684 8858.