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Information Communication Technology

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Head of Department:

Mr. Azhar Mohammed Noh 


Computer Studies(CS): Mr James Wong
Computer Applications: Mr Lim Kim Mong

Support Staff: 

Mr. Francis Locanas (ICT Executive)
Mr. Nantha Kumar (Technology Assistant)

Department Goals/Objectives:

ICT Vision of the School
Excellence through ICT

Curriculum & Assessments:

  • Computer Studies, (7017)/(7155)
  • Computer Applications, (7018)
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Outreach Programme:

Learning Journey for Sec 4 students to Nanyang Polytechnic

Department Programmes:

Programme for Secondary One and Two

"Code for Fun" Enrichment Programme for Lower Secondary students


With the strategic role of ICT in all sectors of the economy, there is a need for Singapore to develop a talent pool for computing jobs of the future.  There is also a growing trend in education for countries to introduce students more pervasively to some form of computing so that students are exposed to computational thinking.
Introduction of simple computing concepts to students can enhance their logical thinking and problem-solving skills, put to real-world situations.  Thus, CPDD intends to introduce an enrichment programme that can be offered across schools in Singapore to benefit our students. 

Objectives of programme:

  1. Provide basic coding experience to lower secondary pupils as enrichment;
  2. Develop and enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills through coding;
  3. Enthuse and raise awareness among pupils about computing so as to groom and develop talents needed by the country.
What's taught in the enrichment programme:
  1. Use sequence, selection, and repetition in programs;
  2. Work with variables and various forms of input and output;
  3. Use a programming language to solve a variety of computational problems, making appropriate use of data;
  4. Use logical reasoning to explain algorithms and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs;
  5. Identify and define authentic problems and plan activities/projects to develop programming solutions;
  6. Solve problems by breaking them into smaller parts and solving the smaller parts first;
  7. Understand the hardware and software components that computer systems are made up of, and how they communicate with one another and with other systems.

Computer Enrichment classes for Sec 1 & Sec 2
  • Digital Photography Techniques
  • Videography using Sony Vegas
  • 3D Google Sketch for AutoCAD
  • Web 2.0 tools, App Creation
  • Coding with Scratch 2.0
  • ICT Baseline programme
Cyberwellness Learning
  • Cyberwellness week
  • Integration into curriculum for CCE Cyberwellness Talks during School Assembly programmes
InfoComm Club Activities
  • IDA national competitions
  • Cyberwellness student ambassadors
  • School ICT competitions
  • Local and Overseas Learning Journeys 
  • Android App creation @ Temasek Polytechnic

Outreach Programme
  • Computer Studies @ Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic (Elective Module) 
  • National Coding Competition for Primary School (Organiser)

  • S2 CPA Animation
  • S3 Game Making Competition

E-Learning Day:

Useful Links: 

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