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Humanities Department

Humanities Department

Head of Department:

Mrs. Joy Moreira


Social Studies
Mdm Zaleela Zakariah
Mrs. Suzanne Gomes
Mr. Muhd Hafiz Salleh
Miss Ng Zhao Ying
Mr. Soh Wei Keong

Mrs. Maureen Tan
Mr. Fabian Lim
Miss Siti Nurhusna

Ms. Verine Yeo
Miss Joey Tang
Mr. Joel Sng
Miss Hazimah Mohd Hanafi

Department Goals / Objectives:

Springfield’s Humanities Programme seeks to engage our students in an appreciation of the world around them, both in the spatial as well as the temporal aspects.  It aims to inculcate in them a sense of awareness to issues and an understanding of the way different countries are governed and managed.  In so doing, the four-year programme will not only cultivate critical and creative life-long learners but ultimately young citizens who are active, responsible, socially-aware and possessing a global perspective.


Foundational Years (Secondary 1 and 2)
The first 2 years of the programme are aimed at giving students a broad overview of the world as they know it, both from a spatial as well as a temporal perspective. This should also give them a good experience of the demands of both History and Geography. Through this, they will be able to make an informed decision on their subject choice for the Specialisation Years. Whatever the choice, the programme ensures that they will have the necessary foundational content and skills needed for a smooth transition into the Specialisation Years.

Specialisation Years (Secondary 3, 4 and 5)
For the later years, students will choose their preferred area of specialisation and concentrate on working towards their N or O level certification. They will also be provided with in-depth training in the skills of the respective disciplines through the inquiry-based learning and geographical investigation approaches.

Social Studies (Upper Sec Express and Normal Academic)
  • Understanding Governance
  • Conflict and Harmony in Multi-Ethnic Societies
  • Managing International Relations
  • Sustaining Economic Development
  • Facing Challenges & Change

Department Programmes:

Springfield employs an inquiry-based approach to learning.  Focusing on the appreciation of enduring understandings through essential questions, instruction takes on a hands-on approach, incorporating field studies or historical inquiry as a compulsory part of the curriculum during the Specialisation Years.
Our pupils are trained to be skillful thinkers with the ability to assess sources of all nature in an objective manner.  Pupils are introduced to source-based case study skills which will enable them to develop thinking and process skills essential to lifelong and independent learning.
Assessment is also aligned with this mantra, with authentic tasks featured alongside the more traditional pen and paper assessments.  This not only allows students to see the relevance of their learning, and in so doing, enthuse them further in the subject; but also encourages students of differing abilities to showcase their varied intelligence so that our assessment of our students will be accurate and holistic.
Last but not least, learning journeys and participation in competitions are organised to take learning beyond the confines of the classroom and to help students see how their knowledge can be applied to the real world.