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Craft & Technology Department

Head of Department:

Mr. Sivaperakas R Muthiah

Subject Head:

Design & Technology:
Mr. Jeremy Wang Hsin-Wei


Food & Nutrition:
Miss Yvonne Tan Siew Hian


Craft and Technology Department
Art Unit

Design & Technology


Food & Consumer Education

Department Goals:

  • To promote Art, Home Economics and Design & Technology(D&T) in Springfield.
  • To raise the percentage passes and quality grades for the three subjects.
  • To identify pupils' talents and strengths and further develop their potential to the fullest.

Department Objectives:

  • To stimulate and sustain pupils' interest in Art, D&T, and Food & Consumer Education
  • To set high expectation for the subjects
  • To develop pupils' talents using pupil-centered approach
  • To maximise the use of IT in teaching
  • To improve pupils' performance in internal and external examinations
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to participate in exhibitions and competitions
  • To organise enrichment programmes for the pupils
  • To infuse thinking skills and creativity in the learning of the subjects
  • To establish Springfield as a premium Art Centre in the East Zone
  • To incorporate National Education, Creativity and thinking skills in the learning of the subjects
  • To organise a public art exhibition for the pupils
  • To open Springfield Art Gallery II to teachers and pupils from all the Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore.
  • To organise a public art exhibition for the E6 Cluster Schools
  • To organise professional sharing sessions among the teachers in the E6 cluster

Department Programmes:

Craft & Tech Department SG50 Exhibition 2015

In 2015 the Craft & Tech Department organised the inaugural SG50 VID exhibition at the TWCC. The theme for that year’s programme was “SG50”. It is a combined effort of all the teachers from the Design & Tech unit, Home Economics Unit and Art Unit. The final works of all electives Sec 3 pupils was showcased during the post-exam activities period at the school hall and selected works at TWCC. The Springfield teachers gave very good support for the event.  Prizes were given to the top 3 winning entries.

The Objectives
  • To provide opportunity to showcase their work as an exhibition
  • To develop pupils creativity and innovation in design and display
  • To collaborate with different units and strengthen staff bonding


The Helix Bridge by Kurt Anthony 3B | SIA by Muhd Hilmi 3C | Sultan Mosque by Danial Nurhakim 3C

Vibrancy in Innovation Design
Secondary Three Food and Nutrition students had to prepare ethnic dishes. Examples of some ethnic dishes whipped were 'huat kueh', 'roti jala' with chocolate sauce instead of curry and also 'Jui Kueh'. The VID project of Sec 3 Diligence was showcased during the Food and Consumer Seminar 2015 at the Academy of Singapore Teachers in November 2015.

A-STAR Science Research
Selected Secondary Three Express Food and Nutrition students for the first time took part in A-STAR science research. The students infused Science with Food and Nutrition, using the spectrophotometer machine and titration to compare the amount of vitamin C in various berries and citrus fruits.
Teacher-led Culinary Workshop
FCE teachers from 17 secondary schools attended the teacher-led workshop held at Springfield Secondary School on 27 August 2015, conducted by our veteran teacher, Mrs Angela Sim. Teachers had a hands-on session in making the traditional Kueh Pie Tee, to revive the culinary skills in making the almost scarcely found traditional dish.

Learning Journey to Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre (SHATEC)
Students went for a hands-on session in their specialised culinary school. The students learned to make pasta from scratch as well as explore the versatility of the commonly used ingredient, eggs.

Swensen Ice Cream Making Competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic
Secondary One students are exposed to Ice Cream Making competition to spark their interest to explore beyond what is being taught in Food and Consumer Education lessons. This experience will encourage the students to be innovative and persevere as they concoct new flavours to Ice-cream.