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Values In Action (VIA) Programme

Values in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge, and skills. VIA fosters ownership over how they contribute to the community. As part of VIA, students reflect on their experience, the values they have put into practice, and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully.

VIA is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). VIA implementation is done so using the head, hands and heart approach as shown in Diagram 1.

When engaging the “Head”, students should be actively involved in their own learning and arrive at a deeper understanding of issues. When engaging the “Heart”, students should emotionally connect to one another; have a sense of belonging to the class and in turn to the school, which in turn helps to cultivate a love for the nation. When engaging the “Hands”, students should make use of opportunities to give back to their school, community, and society, and realise that everyone can become leaders in one way or another. This is in line
with Springfield Secondary School’s Mission: “Lifelong learners, exemplary leaders”.

CCE VIA FrameworkDiagram 1

VIA, however, takes a more student-centric, values-driven approach where students reflect on the values they have put into practice and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully. This is made possible by structured classroom programmes in preparing the student and having post-activity reflections to reinforce learning. VIA thus helps students to internalise the values. VIA thus focuses on the “Head”, “Hands” and “Heart”.

Every year, for the class-based VIA, students need to fulfill a minimum 10-hours requirement to align with LEAPS 2.0 (Through class-based, CCA-based, and own involvement). However, the focus is on quality learning rather than completing the number of hours. This involvement is compulsory for each student to help them achieve a comprehensive and holistic learning experience.

In Springfield Secondary School, we have a structured 4 to 5 years programme that develops the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes to put values into action. The programmes are aligned with the school values and follow the 3R approach: ReadyRender and Reflect.

StageReady / Render / ReflectWhat the stage refers to
Stage 1ReadyProject Planning & Preparation (Identifying learning goals)
Stage 2RenderProject Implementation (Conscious Learning)
 Stage 3Reflect Post-Project Implementation (Reinforcing Learning) 

Students from Secondary 1 to 5 will go through a structured VIA programme which will bring them through stages 1, 2 and 3 as stated above.

The school values are Graciousness, Responsibility, Resilience, Diligence, and Integrity. Every student in Springfield Secondary will take part in activities which will emphasise on all 5 values. However, for each level, there will be a special elevated focus on one particular school value. The breakdown is shown below:

LevelSchool ValueHow VIA projects will incorporate our school values
 Secondary 1 Graciousness
The Secondary 1 students will focus on kindness projects with the self, the class, and the school as the focus using the 3Rs.

 Secondary 2 Responsibility

The Secondary 2 students will focus on environmental projects with the class, the school, and the community, as the focus by using the 3Rs.

 Secondary 3 Resilience 
The Secondary 3 students will focus on community-centered projects as the focus by using the 3Rs. Classes will work collaboratively and may initiate projects with the community.
 Secondary 4 & 5  Diligence & Integrity
The Secondary 4 & 5 students will plan and execute social entrepreneurship projects with the aim of raising funds for the school and/or the community.

Students will use their handbook to help facilitate their VIA learning process. Hard copies of
reflection sheets will be provided to each student after the completion of every VIA activity.

Every student is expected to go through the reflection process together with the FT/Teacher-
in-Charge after the activity, complete the reflection sheet and submit to the FT promptly.

Secondary 3 Service Learning Fair 2018

As all Secondary 3 students will be embarking on their VIA this year, it will take the form of Service Learning. As such, a Service Learning Fair has been put together especially for the students to get to know our stakeholders. The fair aims to provide our Secondary 3 students insightful details about the professionals in various organisations / VWOs / beneficiaries, needs of the community and to subsequently, plan and carry out a service learning project with an organisation.

The details of the fair are as follows:
Date:     6th Feb 2018 (Tuesday)
Time:     1500hrs to 1730hrs
Venue:   Springfield Secondary School Hall