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Direct School Admissions

Overview & Background of Springfield Distinctive Programme

Springfield achieved the Niche Programme status for rock-climbing in 2008. With the award, Springfield can admit up to 5% of their Secondary One intake through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise, in addition to receiving MOE funding.

With the introduction of the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Springfield will enhance the DSA exercise to include the Distinctive Programme of Health & Sports Sciences. Selected students will experience relevant health science areas through an integrated curriculum. Talent development, school representation opportunities, and leadership development will be provided through the specific sports of Sports Climbing, Floorball and Taekwondo.

For the DSA Exercise, students’ talents and achievements in both academic and non-academic areas will determine if they will be selected for direct admission into a secondary school. Each school has its own merit-based academic and non-academic criteria for selection. These are based on the qualities, such as talent in science, music or sports, that the school would like to emphasize. To assess these qualities in applicants, schools may conduct tests, interviews or trials as necessary.

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(a) Sports Development

(i) Sports Climbing
The Springfield rock wall is an outstanding Tampines landmark that has captured the attention of many passing by. Built in 1995, it was one of the first outdoor rock-wall in a secondary school. Over the years, thousands of our pupils have learnt the basics of sports climbing and many have excelled in the sport. Our climbers have always been recognized as the most rugged and robust pupils in the school. Sports Climbing has developed mental strength and inculcated qualities such as integrity, resilience, and perseverance. With the current emphasis on Character & Citizenship Education, sports climbing will be an excellent avenue for the inculcation of values and provision of social-emotional learning.

(ii) Floorball
This sport was introduced in 2007 in part due to the potential talent of Springfield students. Along with the passion and technical expertise of the teachers, the school was able to achieve significant results. The team is now known for their all-round skills, teamwork, and resilience. Opportunities were also provided for overseas training trips to Finland and Malaysia.

(iii) Taekwondo
With the official introduction of Taekwondo in the National School Games in 2009, the Springfield Taekwondo was provided with greater scope for involvement and achievements. Participating students are given various participation opportunities ranging from team display to sparring categories. Grading assessment is integrated into the CCA to promote rigour and professionalism. Various aesthetics based activities like taekwondo aerobics is also added to enhance the overall participation in the sport.

The 3 above-mentioned sports CCA have contributed many significant achievements over the years.

Consolidated trend and major achievements

CCA / Year





(Boys / Girls)
 (Overall Team)

Ntl B Div Boys 1st 
Ntl C Div Boys 1st 
Ntl B Div Girls 1st 
Ntl C Div Girls 2nd 

Ntl B Div Boys 1st 
Ntl C Div Boys 1st 
Ntl B Div Girls 2nd 
Ntl C Div Girls 1st 

Ntl B Div Boys 1st 
Ntl C Div Boys 1st 
Ntl B Div Girls 2nd 
Ntl C Div Girls 1st 

Ntl B Div Boys 1st
Ntl C Div Boys 2nd
Ntl B Div Girls 1st


(Boys / Girls)

Natl B Div Girls 2nd 
Natl C Div Boys 4th 

Natl B Div Boys 4th


Sports Climbing

(No. of Top 4 positions & other Significant Awards) 

 Number of
Top 4 positions - 40
B Div Girls 1st

Number of
Top 4 positions – 49
B Div Boys 1st
 NSSC Championship
C Div Boys 1

B Div Boys 1st
C Div Boys 2nd
B Div Girls 4th
C Div Girls 1st
NSSC Championship
B Div Boys 1st
C Div Boys 3rd

B Div Boys 1st
C Div Boys 3rd
B Div Girls 3rd
C Div Girls 3rd
NSSC Championship
B Div Boys 2nd
C Div Boys 3rd
B Div Girls 4th
C Div Girls 4th

(b) Lower Secondary Physical Education (PE) Programme
Secondary 1/2 pupils will be equipped with the basic knowledge, skills, and confidence in sports climbing; rock-wall climbing, rope ascending and rappelling. They will be able to appreciate the rigours of the sport and also the intrinsic value of climbing. Given the opportunity to participate, pupils can be engaged in self-discovery and cultivation of values. Secondary 2 pupils will be given opportunity to attain the Singapore National Climbing Standard Sports Climbing Certification Level I.

(c) CCA
The CCA programme will support and reinforce the interest and ability of pupils. There will be competitions, courses, retreats, camps, overseas trips, community involvement projects and leadership training for pupils. As an integral aspect of CCA, the sports involvement will serve to bring about strong values and the desired outcomes of education in our students.
(d) Inter-School
Inter-school / organized competitions play a vital part in the long-term excellence and sustainability of the sport. This will be a platform for talent development and maturity. A key feature is Let’s Rock – an annual inter-school rock climbing competition organized by Springfield.
(e) Community & External Events
Sharing of resources, knowledge, and experience will be enriching for both the school and also the community at large. This will be useful to inculcate National Education values in the pupils and also for them to venture beyond the confines of the school in order to develop an enterprising spirit. Our partnership with Tampines West CC and along with 5 other Tampines West Schools has enabled us to organize a bi-annual event – Games Involving Fitness & Teamwork (GIFT) from 2007. In GIFT 2008, we achieved a Singapore Book of Record by covering a combined vertical distance of 11,872m through 450 climbers in 4 hours. This event brought together pupils and staff from various schools as well as the community. This will also be an avenue to promote the various sports of our distinctive programme.
(f) Others
The life-long learning and appreciation of sports climbing cannot be over-emphasized. The programme will support the pupils in National Youth Achievement Award application and attainment. It is the aim of the niche programme that pupils and staff can continue the sport as they move on in life. We would also like to see the long-term appreciation and transfer of the values acquired through the sport.
(g) Resources
i.  10m difficulty wall and International Standard 15m speed wall
ii. 10m abseil wall
iii. Range of outdoor equipment
iv. Indoor Sports Hall
v. Customised venue for Taekwondo
(h) Testimonial

12th ASEAN Taekwondo Championships

Nigel Soo Yu Zhe of Secondary 2-Graciousness took part in the 12th ASEAN Taekwondo Championships at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 23 March 2015. Nigel managed to clinch the Bronze medal for both the freestyle individual (under-17) and team event.
Nigel's reflection on his experience
"It was a great challenge to fight against participants from nine other countries.  Throughout the competition, my friends and coaches had helped me through thick and thin.  As a result of my perseverance and resilience, I was the only student chosen from Springfield Secondary School to represent Singapore, to compete in the 12th ASEAN Taekwondo Championships.  Initially, I felt very nervous.  However, I realised that teamwork and resilience played pivotal roles in making me more optimistic.  This would also eventually help to mould me into becoming a national  team member in the future."