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New Media Arts

1. Brief introduction 

2. Challenges students will face 

3. Skills / Talents / Qualities the CCA is looking for 

4. The benefits of joining the CCA 
1. The New Media Arts club is newly established and will have its first run in 2016. It aims to develop the students’ skills in photography, print and film making. The members will be able to harness and channel their creativity in the different media platforms. They will be trained to develop a flair for the digital media and to handle the equipment required for the hobbyist photographer, graphic designer or film maker in the 21st century.          

2. Students will face the challenge of being able to cope with the technical aspects of photography and videography. 

3. The New Media Arts Club is looking for students who have the passion in media production: photography, video and print. We are looking for creative and committed members who have the ability to develop their personal voice or opinions through the various media. 

4. Students will have the opportunity to participate in external competitions. They will be able to hone their skills in photography, videography and print materials. This will include taking good photographs, video shots and converting them into brochures, newsletters and short video presentations. 
CCA Schedule:
Thursdays 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Venue: Computer Lab 4
Teacher in-charge:
  • Mrs Maureen Tan
  • Mrs Suzanne Gomes
  • Mr Lim Soon Seng
  • Mrs Angela Sim
Coaches / Trainers
List of annual programs/events
1. CCA Orientation and Sec 1 Bonding Activities 
2. SYF Competitions 
3. Schools Digital Media Awards Competition 
4. Holiday Camps 
5. Outdoor Photography 
6. Learning Journey 
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